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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cala Contat Sunset

I am back !!! 
Sorry for the silence...  We went for a few days in Ibiza... ;) Sorry again......

Crystal clear sea, white sandy beach, dense pine forrest, mesmerizing sunsets, balearic rythm....  Mysterious, magical, Mythical.....  All of these make Ibiza such special island where we keep coming back.
As the continental plates of Africa and Eurasia moved towards each other, the stress in the Earth's crust resulted in the folding of these rock layers. A mountain range arose. One component of this is Ibiza. 
Further movements in the earth's crust repeatedly produced new folding, folding over and fracturing. Ibiza was once part of a high mountain, then it sank again.
The early Phoenicians believed Ibiza to be a magic isle blessed by the Gods, because the rich, red soil is non volcanic and the island forbids survival to any reptile, animal, insect or plant that can harm humans. To this day many people wear amulets and pendants containing the sacred soil to protect the wearer from harm.
'Ibiza will be Earth's final refuge' - predicts Nostradamus
According to the predictions of Nostradamus, the 15th century French astrologer & physician, when nuclear disaster wipes out most life on Earth, the peculiar prevailing wind patterns over Ibiza will ensure that it is the sole remaining life-supporting environment.

The island of Es Vedra, rising from the waters off Cala D'Hort supports no venomous living thing. The Carmelite priest Don Francisco Palau, founder of the convent at Es Cubells, meticulously recorded mystical revelations and meetings with 'unearthly beings surrounded by light' while meditating there. Gigantic circles of light, up to 50 metres diameter, emerging from the sea have discouraged fishermen from this area. A strong magnetic force is said to emanate from Es Vedra, attracting unexplained phenomena.
That Ibiza has a strange magnetism for creative talents is a fascinating reality. It's no secret that Ibiza boasts the greatest concentration of international talent on a tiny island. They have found inspiration and fulfilment from the simple, spiritually enriching, Ibicenco way of life. 'Tranquilo', the most popular Ibicenco word, means 'Finding Inner Peace in Harmony with Nature'.

Volvere pronto... ♥

Hippies Use Side Door
Ibicenca house
Es Vedra

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