Waikiki or The Paradise, only 70mn from Barcelona....

Sunday, 21 August 2011

My hubby and I had a gorgeous day today. :) In order to carry on with the beach spirit after my return home from long holidays in France; we decided to visit one of the few beautiful beaches that we both have to discover since our arrival in Barcelona (6 years!)  !

Waikiki, 8 km from Tarragona or The Paradise, only 70mn from Barcelona ! :) 

It is situated in the middle of a leafy pine grove and sheltered by a vertical cliff which makes access difficult. Precisely because of the complications of getting here (it is necessary to walk one  kilometre through woods).There are more than 200 metres of fine sand with clear water and absolutely nothing else. it has become a complete nudist paradise. In Spain there are several hundred beaches with a nudist tradition which goes back to the 1960s, the majority with difficult access and  an unspoilt scenery ! 
It is not an obligation, but be ready for  all sizes and shapes ! Paradise always comes with a price ! ;)Worth the hike !! To be seen ! 
Have you been there already ?

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