Tips for packing !

Thursday, 25 August 2011

I know holidays are almost over... :( 
But lucky for some (like me !), we will have to pack again our suitcase soon !! :) 

And if you are like me, that: even after years of travelling, I still need to bring more than 4 pair of shoes, minimum of 3 jean's, 3 handbags etc and put a surprised and candid face at the checking counter...... Oui, a Parisienne must be ready for any situation !!! :), This is for you: 

I have been told that rolling clothes prevents wrinkles and saves packing space !  I am still not convinced about the non wrinkling part, but I am willing to try it out for my next trip to Ibiza in September... will keep you informed ! ;)
What are your tips for making sure your luggage remains stow-able in the luggage compartment bin? Share your one-bag tips in the comments.
Check the article below from NY times, some good tips for packing !

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