How young is too young ???

Friday, 5 August 2011

A series of suggestive photos featuring a 10-year-old model Thylane Loubry  have sparked controversy over the sexualization of young girls.
For the photo spread, which appears in a recent issue of Vogue Paris, the child model was styled in the haute couture and mimicked the sultry pout and steely gaze popular among models more than twice her age. 
Sadly..... Any creepy child pornographer could plead "artistic license"....
This is not helping child predators...
Also, the Fashion industry clearly affect the image of young girls and their self esteem.  What about pre teens girls reading their mum's issue ??? Anorexia is hitting younger an younger victims...  
For once, I am not happy with Vogue... :( 
How young is too young ??


  1. Reminds me of Polanski case about rape. He was actually shooting young girls for Vogue Magazine. She was 13. It was 1977.
    Things don't change...


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