How long will you go without sex ?

Monday, 15 August 2011

This morning, my twin sister A. sent me a great article published 
in Sunday Times in 2004 but incredibly accurate about the husband hunting  and sex life of 30 something women in 2000 !!!
At her last visit in Barcelona having drinks with girlfriends, and the question came out during one of women's favorite topic conversation that is SEX ! ;)   
How long was our longest period  without sex ???? 
We started thinking about and found out that some us spend some weeks and some months without sex during their single time ! *  ( * not precising the in relationship/marriage no sex life which will be another topic for a post soon !!!)

Most of them answered weeks, the maximum time was 1 year for one of them; then I answered that i believe that at most I spent 2 months without sex during my sexual maturity, my dearest sister ( who seems to always remembers better than me my sexual encounters ...) loudly pointed out that "  You lost your mind, sist´, it is  absolutely not true !!"  and calculated that indeed I already spent 6 months with no sex in my adult life !! :)  Yes me too then !!!! 
We laugh out loud and thought that women are like camels !!!  But my personal point of view on the question is that less sex makes you want it less, and having sex makes you want it more !!! :)  

So girlies, for the sake of good health and healthy relationship let's lie back and think of England !!!!  :)

On the subject, check these books and have a good laugh ! 
Two 30-something sisters from Los Angeles, Jennifer Lehr and Suzanne Schlosberg have published memoirs of sexual dysfunction, undoubtedly creating migraines in the heads of their Jewish parents. 
1.) jennifer Lehr's ILL-EQUIPPED FOR A LIFE OF SEX is a fairly humorless and depressing account of her sexual problems with her future husband, who doesn't want to make love as often or as urgently as she does.
2.) Suzanne Schlosberg's THE CURSE OF THE SINGLES TABLE is much funnier, recounting the author's almost three-year bout of celibacy.

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