Dejeuner sur l'Herbe....

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Holidays continue !!!!..... :)
We took my lovely boyfriend C. for the first time in a gorgeous place that I have know for years and always feel like visiting for the first time !! ;)
The village of L'Herbe is one of fishermen's numerous villages which line the Bay of Arcachon, it is the most known  of the Cap Ferret. Registered on the inventory of places of interest since 1981, this charming oyster village is a special place in the bay of Arcachon.
Known for its authenticity, the village has known how to maintain its traditions, with its attractive small colored wooden houses which also act as workplace to the fishermen and to the oyster farmers, and its alleys which lead for the greater part to the beach. 
Some  of fishermen's huts are even hundred-years-old and the municipality tries hard to maintain this traditional aspect which makes its pride and charm its lucky residents and of course its visitors like us !!  ;)
You can access by the boulevard of the beach or by the staircases situated in the traffic circle of the island which overhang and show a spectacular view  of the bay with its tides !!!  Can you believe that  the price of tiny houses on the beach of 30m2 can rise to 500K€ ??

In the meantime, let's enjoy the view, the oysters and the white wine !!! :) A must seen for visitors of the south west of France...  Vive l'Herbe !!! 

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