Our french Goldfrapp..... Charlotte for ever...

Monday, 29 August 2011

Still fierce ....

Who's your mama ? ;)   

Another place to go before we die..... or to die for !!!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

I know... I know... I am still in vacation mood..... 

Bring out the sexy beast !!!

Is this not the coolest tee-shirt ???

I love cats...

Guess what's on the picture ? 

A table for two please !

Dream vacations..... :) Check this dream place to have some lobsters soon..... Perched off the coast of Michanwi Pingwe beach in Zanzibar, The Rock sits in the Indian Ocean. 

Tips for packing !

Thursday, 25 August 2011

I know holidays are almost over... :( 
But lucky for some (like me !), we will have to pack again our suitcase soon !! :) 


Monday, 22 August 2011

Just love, love this summer house.... Eugenia Silvia, one of our Spanish top model, has found her paradise.... . Beautiful and bare like this amazing Island.. Less is better. What else would you need ?

Beautiful Melina...

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Let's stay on holidays, go to Greece and listen to Melina Mercouri ! :)
She is one of the greatest and most sexy actress of the 19th century. 1920-1994.  A political activist during the Greek military. She exiled to France during a few years. 
Singer, Actress, Politician...  A beautiful woman... A woman of her time..  Let's watch her...

Waikiki or The Paradise, only 70mn from Barcelona....

My hubby and I had a gorgeous day today. :) In order to carry on with the beach spirit after my return home from long holidays in France; we decided to visit one of the few beautiful beaches that we both have to discover since our arrival in Barcelona (6 years!)  !

Waikiki, 8 km from Tarragona or The Paradise, only 70mn from Barcelona ! :) 

It is situated in the middle of a leafy pine grove and sheltered by a vertical cliff which makes access difficult. Precisely because of the complications of getting here (it is necessary to walk one  kilometre through woods).There are more than 200 metres of fine sand with clear water and absolutely nothing else. it has become a complete nudist paradise. In Spain there are several hundred beaches with a nudist tradition which goes back to the 1960s, the majority with difficult access and  an unspoilt scenery ! 
It is not an obligation, but be ready for  all sizes and shapes ! Paradise always comes with a price ! ;)Worth the hike !! To be seen ! 
Have you been there already ?

Back home from holidays..

Saturday, 20 August 2011

 ... and look at what I found on my  Spanish floors... 

Is this not just gorgeous ???  :) 

Another hotel to recommend in Perigord...

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Less luxurious than the Glycines but yet an hotel with the charms of the country side ....  Old stones, woods, river passing by..  An escape...  The bedrooms are very basic but offer necessary comfort. Worth the stay if you are passing by !   http://moulindelabeune.com/

Hotel de Charme in Perigord....

To escape the family during holiday in France, my hubby and I decided to visit together an area of France that we did not know: The Perigord !!  Country of truffle, foie gras, confit, nuts, etc....  More kilos to add..... :)  
We stayed at a gorgeous in Les Ezies de Tayac.  The hotel and bedrooms are nicely decorated and the hotel owns a large garden with a thousand flowers and an exotic plantation. Luxurious and yet charming hotel to be recommended for their restaurant too.  Check our bedroom grand charme below with view of the gardens. http://www.les-glycines-dordogne.com/  

Theme de Camille - Georges Delerue

Monday, 15 August 2011

Congratulations Mrs Hince !

Amour,  Amour, toujours......These pictures make you want to get married !! At least that's the effect they had on me !!! :) I just need to get Mario Testino as my official photographer now !!! Wish me luck !!! 

How long will you go without sex ?

This morning, my twin sister A. sent me a great article published 
in Sunday Times in 2004 but incredibly accurate about the husband hunting  and sex life of 30 something women in 2000 !!! 
At her last visit in Barcelona having drinks with girlfriends, and the question came out during one of women's favorite topic conversation that is SEX ! ;)   
How long was our longest period  without sex ???? 
We started thinking about and found out that some us spend some weeks and some months without sex during their single time ! *  ( * not precising the in relationship/marriage no sex life which will be another topic for a post soon !!!)

Most of them answered weeks, the maximum time was 1 year for one of them; then I answered that i believe that at most I spent 2 months without sex during my sexual maturity, my dearest sister ( who seems to always remembers better than me my sexual encounters ...) loudly pointed out that "  You lost your mind, sist´, it is  absolutely not true !!"  and calculated that indeed I already spent 6 months with no sex in my adult life !! :)  Yes me too then !!!! 
We laugh out loud and thought that women are like camels !!!  But my personal point of view on the question is that less sex makes you want it less, and having sex makes you want it more !!! :)  

So girlies, for the sake of good health and healthy relationship let's lie back and think of England !!!!  :)

On the subject, check these books and have a good laugh ! 
Two 30-something sisters from Los Angeles, Jennifer Lehr and Suzanne Schlosberg have published memoirs of sexual dysfunction, undoubtedly creating migraines in the heads of their Jewish parents. 
1.) jennifer Lehr's ILL-EQUIPPED FOR A LIFE OF SEX is a fairly humorless and depressing account of her sexual problems with her future husband, who doesn't want to make love as often or as urgently as she does. http://www.amazon.com/Ill-Equipped-Life-Sex-Jennifer-Lehr/dp/B000HWYONA/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1313421349&sr=1-1
2.) Suzanne Schlosberg's THE CURSE OF THE SINGLES TABLE is much funnier, recounting the author's almost three-year bout of celibacy. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0446690546/ref=ase_suzanneschlos-20/104-3187880-5322307?v=glance&s=books

Pink skeletons in Paris

Friday, 5 August 2011

Walking around the street of Paris last month, I saw many pink skeletons on the  grey parisian ground... The "pochoiriste" uses gates of the sidewalk skillfully to represent the rib cage of his figures. It was hilarious !!  Everybody was being careful to not walk on it ! :)
After making some research, I found out that these "deadly" pictures become almost cheerful, are due to to a long tradition of joke made by the students of university of medicine .
What of better to exorcise the anxiety of death that to make fun of it ?? ;)  Keep on the street art in Paris !!!

How young is too young ???

A series of suggestive photos featuring a 10-year-old model Thylane Loubry  have sparked controversy over the sexualization of young girls.
For the photo spread, which appears in a recent issue of Vogue Paris, the child model was styled in the haute couture and mimicked the sultry pout and steely gaze popular among models more than twice her age. 
Sadly..... Any creepy child pornographer could plead "artistic license"....
This is not helping child predators...
Also, the Fashion industry clearly affect the image of young girls and their self esteem.  What about pre teens girls reading their mum's issue ??? Anorexia is hitting younger an younger victims...  
For once, I am not happy with Vogue... :( 
How young is too young ??

Summer music !!! Great tune from Metronomy !

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Metronomy is cool ! Music to put out loud in our cars during summer !!! :)  Enjoy !!

Idea Deco !!! Palm tree seat !

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Took this picture for you ! I have seen this special seat in the garden of a restaurant and thought this was the most creative way to reinvent a dead palm tree from your garden ! ( if you are luck enough to have one there !) Just keep the base and put a base seat on it !! Et voilà !! :) Looks great doesn'it ???

Dejeuner sur l'Herbe....

Holidays continue !!!!..... :)
We took my lovely boyfriend C. for the first time in a gorgeous place that I have know for years and always feel like visiting for the first time !! ;)
The village of L'Herbe is one of fishermen's numerous villages which line the Bay of Arcachon, it is the most known  of the Cap Ferret. Registered on the inventory of places of interest since 1981, this charming oyster village is a special place in the bay of Arcachon.
Known for its authenticity, the village has known how to maintain its traditions, with its attractive small colored wooden houses which also act as workplace to the fishermen and to the oyster farmers, and its alleys which lead for the greater part to the beach. 
Some  of fishermen's huts are even hundred-years-old and the municipality tries hard to maintain this traditional aspect which makes its pride and charm its lucky residents and of course its visitors like us !!  ;)
You can access by the boulevard of the beach or by the staircases situated in the traffic circle of the island which overhang and show a spectacular view  of the bay with its tides !!!  Can you believe that  the price of tiny houses on the beach of 30m2 can rise to 500K€ ??

In the meantime, let's enjoy the view, the oysters and the white wine !!! :) A must seen for visitors of the south west of France...  Vive l'Herbe !!! 

Paris in pink ???

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Little Brown Pen | Paris in Pink | A Collection of Fine Art Photos

I came accross this website which sells gorgeous pictures of Paris !!!
Check it out! Paris, Paris...... My gorgeous hometown..... :)

Holidays in Medoc

I am spending a few days in the Medoc in the family house in a tiny village between a lake and the ocean... Gorgeous... will post more...