The Tides - Modern Elegance in Miami

Located right on the beach, but on a much quieter section of bustling Ocean Drive, The Tides, iconic Art Deco hotel (and now the flagship for a new resort brand), renovated in 2007 by the Viceroy Hotel Group using the talents of US designer Kelly Wearstler, known for ultra-glam hotels like the Viceroy Palm Springs seem the perfect place to stay during a trip to Miami.

She created a spalike oasis, using again her signature Hollywood Regency glitz for a more beach side look. Inside is all modern elegance: White driftwood sculptures sit atop mirrored Deco credenzas, touch of gold, and pastel colours, and faux-zebra rugs cover pale travertine floors. All rooms have oceanfront views. Beautiful setting.


Hotel Particulier Luxembourg - Paris

This family lived in London and, for the children to have a French education, wanted to return to Paris. They first got wind of a house with a garden, near the Luxembourg, and a young couple of architects and decorators, Line Fontana and David Fagard Workshop L + D, whom had already teamed with the notorious architect Jean Nouvel. 
Built in 1718, this was the refuge of the architect Lepas-Dubuisson, designer of several mansions of aristocratic Faubourg Saint-Germain. This home, over time, became a school at the end of the last century,now regaining its primary function: to be a family home. 
Everything was distorted, except façades and stairway, fortunately classified: the house had been painted bright colors and seemed small and dark; continuity between parts no longer existed, and the garden was abandoned.  It took the talent of two architects to restructure this five floors house with a dependency added in the nineteenth century in the garden and bring it back to its 18th century splendour.  Fabuleux ! 


Hotel Fellah - Morocco

We love arty hotels ! After five years in construction, the 65-room FELLAH HOTEL in Marrakech , spread across ten villas, is as focused on art and culture as it is on leisure and hospitality.
On fourteen acres at the foot of the Atlas mountains, Fellah Hotel is more like a village than a hotel.  The decoration is eclectic mid modern vintage furniture pieces are combined with traditional furniture made by Moroccan craftsmen.

This hotel is based on the principles of responsible tourism, promoting local development, and looks to highlight how culture can be a tangible source of long-term wealth and personal development.
The on-site Dar al-Ma’mûn is a non-profit arts centre dedicated to bringing international contemporary art and culture to Morocco and supporting local education and literacy.

The centre brings together artists,  studios, a research centre in literary translation and a multilingual library open to all, from hotel guests to local villagers, as well as resident artists, with a focus on social sciences, literature, poetry, aesthetics and art history.
Responsible and beautiful tourism like we heart.


The Art of Chilling or 10 places where to enjoy a glass of rosé during summer...

For those who loved this post last year, These are the places where I totally see myself chilling with a book and a glass of rosé during this summer .... :)  Where are you going this summer ??

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